We offer includes procedures for:

• Endometriosis

• Ovarian cysts

• Fibroadenomas of breast

• Hernia

• Fibroid removal in the form of myomectomy

• Ectopic pregnancy

• Hysterectomies for fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, adenomyosis, endometrial hyperplasia

• All these surgeries can be done laparoscopically.We have world class instruments for minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures including vessel sealers: ligasure and bipolar of world's top company.( this alleviates the need of putting any sutures inside the abdomen with very high safety profile; it also makes the surgery faster and much safer than conventional way of suturing. By reducing operating time it also reduces the anaesthesia complications. )

For some patients, Laproscopy is not an appropriate choice. Sometimes a procedure may start out as minimally invasive but would need to be converted to conventional surgery during the operation. In recommending conventional or minimally invasive surgery, our surgeons will consider a variety of factors that include:

• Obesity

• History of prior abdominal surgery causing dense scar tissue

• Access to organs

• Bleeding problems during the operation

• Underlying medical conditions

Our team of surgeons at jubesta Hospital will discuss the best surgical option after doing a complete physical examination, checking the health history and understanding the condition of the patient..