Adolescent medicine is a medical sub-speciality that focuses on care of patients who are in adolescent period generally raging from last few years of school or Patients who have generally entered puberty i.e. started menstruating
Issues of concern during adolescent are
i) Menstrual disorders such as amenorrhea: No menses
ii) dysmenorrhoea : Painful menses
iii) DUB : Abnormal bleeding
iv) Acne
v) Eating disorders excess weight gain/ excess weight loss
vi) Hormonal imbalance : PCO
About pcos:

PCOS is a condition where in addition to polycystic ovaries, there is a hormone imbalance. Approximately 1 in 5 women have polycystic ovaries (where the ovary is larger than usual and has lots of small cysts within it when seen on ultrasound). PCOS occurs in only 5% of the population and is the ultrasound appearance of cysts plus the following symptoms.


• Greasy skin

• Acne

• Problematic hair growth (especially the face)

• Hair loss on the scalp

• Irregular periods

• Weight gain

• Difficulty conceiving

• Problems in pregnancy

There may also occasionally be longer term health risks such as diabetes and high blood pressure.


1. Lifestyle modification is the mainstay of treatment

2. Weight reduction

3. Proper nutritious diet & exercise

4. Medication

We offer weight reducing diet plans by our expert nutritionist & exercise plan .

Our consultants will listen to you and individualise the treatment according to your requirement.